3 Fun Christmas Treats!

Holiday season is here and it is the time of the year we celebrate. We have office parties, family gatherings and kids’ school parties. Being creative with the party treats is always a fun thing to do! Here are 3 fun and creative treats that you can bring to the party!

Paint Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookie

These cookies are so much fun for children but adults can join in too.

What You will need:

Sweater Cookie Cutter or Template

Circle Cutter

Sugar Cookie Dough

Royal Icing

M&M Candies

Paint Brushes

If you need a Sugar Cookie recipe click HERE for mines! Roll out your dough and cut circle and sweater shapes. You can use a cookie cutter or print a template from online. After baking your cookies, let them cool completely. Dip or pipe royal icing onto the sweaters and circles. On the circle cookies, place different color M&Ms. These will be your “paint” colors. Let the cookies dry over night. Let the kids use small paint brushes to design their own sweaters!

Decorate Your Own Christmas Cookie Kits

These cookie kits are a very simple way to spice up any party. They are great for kids or adults.

Here is what you need:

Sugar Cookie Dough

Christmas Cookie Cutters

Royal Icing or Buttercream

Disposable Piping Bags


The first thing you need to do is make your sugar cookies in various Christmas shapes. Let them cool completely. Make your royal icing or buttercream in the colors of your choice. If you need a buttercream recipe, click HERE for mines! Put each color icing in a disposable piping bag and tie them off or secure with a rubber band. Now all you and your guest have to do is snip a hole at the tip of each bag and get to decorating! Use sprinkles to embellish your designs!

Wreath Cake

The wreath cake may take a little more work than the cookies but it is totally worth it!

Here is what you need:

Bunt Cake

Green Buttercream

Milk Duds Candy

Gold Luster Dust

Red Fondant Bow/ Red Ribbon

Piping Bag and Grass Piping Tip

Bake a bundt cake of any flavor! You can also bake a regular cake and carve it in a wreath shape. You can use my donut cake video to learn how to carve this shape. Click HERE! Once your cake is done, put your green buttercream in a piping bag fitted with a grass piping tip. It’s better to use a larger tip because it makes the process go faster. Pipe “grass” all over the cake. Cover the entire surface. Dust a few milk duds with gold edible luster and place on your wreath cake. Finally, top the cake with a fondant or ribbon bow!

It’s just that simple to make something so amazing for the holidays! These are also great ideas for bakers who are looking for holiday menu options! I hope you try one of these. If you do, come back and tell me about it!

Stay Sweet!

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