About The Baker, Krystle!


The Beginning

My grandmother was a home baker, and I remember growing up, there was always a cake stand with her latest test cakes on her table. Everyone knew to look on that cake stand to see what she had when you walked in. She did everyone's wedding cake, and every family reunion.

When I was about 13 years old, she called my mom and told her, "Bring Krystle here to help me bake".  When Anita spoke, you listened. My mom brought me there. I spent the day helping her in the kitchen.  I didn't know why she called me over. We didn't live nearby, and I never showed interest in helping her before.  But this is where it all began! That day was the first day that I made my grandmother's infamous carrot cake recipe! I had no idea that she was instilling me with something that I would grow to be so passionate about!


8 years later, I am a wife and mother of 2 daughters. I am still baking, and still decorating cakes! I feel like I took what my grandmother gave me so many years ago, and now I'm running with it! I am serving my purpose as a creator through I Heart Kake! I incorporate hearts because everything that I bake is truly out of love, and straight from my heart!!

How I Rekindled My Love for Baking

After having my oldest daughter, Kamryn, I found myself in the kitchen.  I baked a carrot cake for Christmas, and everyone loved it!  The baking flame had been relit!

I put on a bake sale for Mother's Day. I baked so many cakes that day! I had no idea what I was really doing.  Cakes went out with no boxes. People enjoyed those cakes though. I slowly started learning and teaching myself techniques.