My Top 5 Cake YouTubers

Hi everyone! When you are a baker/cake decorator, you find yourself always looking for more education or inspiration. One huge way to do this is YouTube! I discovered YouTube many years ago, and it is pretty much where I learned everything about cake decorating when I first started out. There are tutorials on the most basic skills and tutorials on the most complicated details. After 5 years of professional baking and cake decorating, I started making videos of my own. Some of you may know this already. I often link videos to my tutorials in my blog posts. My channel name is IHeartKake. On my channel, you can find video tutorials for decorating, recipes and baking tips!

I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite creators to watch for cake decorating. These, by no means, are the only creators that I watch. These are just the top 5 that I will make sure to watch every single video. This is also NOT a collaboration on sponsorship. I am just sharing what I like with you guys! Also, in my experience, YouTubers tend to post cake decorating videos on Tuesdays.  It’s a good idea to check for new uploads every Tuesday!

Here is my list:

1. Yolanda Gampp

 Yolanda is a Canadian creator. The name of her main channel is How to Cake It. She recently launched a second channel called How to Cake It Step by Step. She is seriously AMAZING at what she does! She is known for her novelty cakes.  Yolanda has a lot of videos of making cakes that look like other food items. She’s made a turkey cake, ice cream cake, steak cake, and so many others. She also makes cakes that she calls mega cakes. They are huge cakes that are topped with loads of candy. Yum!! So, if you are into making novelty cakes or birthday cakes, I seriously suggest you check out her channel! She posts every Tuesday.

 2.  Man About Cake

 Man About Cake is another channel that I’ve really been enjoying. The baker’s name is Joshua John Russel. I only discovered his channel a few months ago, but when I did find it, I spent the entire night binge watching all his videos! Man About Cake has seasons and does take breaks after each season. They are one of the channels that post every Tuesday when they are posting. Joshua’s style seems to be stack cakes with a flare. He’s done an octopus cake that I think was soooo amazing!! If you decide to take a look at his channel, you will end up binge watching. So make time!

 3.  Rosie’s Desert Spot

 Rosie’s channel is a place to learn new techniques. Her videos are usually always a tutorial. The styles of her cakes are very pretty and girly. You will see lots of flowers, buttercream work, and drip cakes. Rosie’s style leans to the traditional side. She also will have live video tutorials occasionally. Her channel is a great place to get ideas for baby shower cakes, birthday cakes, and wedding cakes.

4.  Haniela’s

Haniela’s channel is actually focused more on cookie decorating.  She makes amazing cookies! But, she also has done some pretty cool cakes too. One of my favorites is her tennis shoe cake. It is so cute. As much as I love her channel, my 3-year-old loves watching her cookie decorating videos even more! Haniela’s channel is a great option for bakers who are trying to break into cookie decorating.

5.  IHeartKake

The last of my top favorite, but definitely not the least is no other than my own channel, IHeartKake. My channel is a work in progress at the moment. Even so, my hope is that I can share my knowledge of the cake decorating and baking world. I love working on recipes and sharing them with my subscribers. I also love sharing cakes that I am decorating. I have a lot of tips and tricks that can make things easier for new bakers. My goal is to be for others what YouTube was for me over the past 10 years.  If you are looking for new recipe ideas or needing to learn new techniques the head over to my channel, IHeartKake, and hit the subscribe button!

These are the top 5 YouTube channels that I am subscribed to. There are so many other YouTubers that I watch and love, so don’t limit yourself to these 5. Maybe in another post, I can share my top 5 small YouTubers. I hope that this has been helpful to you in some way. That is always my goal when making a blog post or a YouTube video!

Stay Sweet!

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